Patient Online Access

What is Patient Access?

Patient access has been around and has been used by the surgery for some years. Currently over 20% of our practice population uses Patient Access to book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and change their contact information via computer and this is now available for mobile devices. From 1st April 2016 this service can be extended to include a record summary, allergies and a more detailed history of medications.

There are two levels of online access:

  • Basic Access – This is to book appointments, order repeat medications, immunisation history and change your contact information.  We will still need identification from you to register you for this.
  • Advanced access – Patients aged 18 and over, can access their online medical record. This includes all the facilities as per the basic access, plus being able to view a summary, allergies and medications (including history) and acute medications. You will need to complete the consent form along with 2 forms of ID. Your application will then be reviewed and authorised by a GP and it could take up to 28 days for advanced access to be granted.

How do I Register for Patient Access?

If you do not have patient access but would like to, please ask reception for a form. There are 2 forms depending on which type of access you would like.

Non-urgent advice: Notice

Please note – Advanced access to medical records will initially only be available to a test group of patients. If you would like any further information about advanced online access please  contact the practice Manager, Sharon Unwin on 01954 260230.  

What if I Already Have Patient Access?

If you are already signed up for patient access and use it to book appointments and order repeats you do not need to do anything as your basic access rights will remain unchanged. Any applications for advanced access will need a completed consent form and 2 forms of ID.

What Should I do Now? 

Before applying for patient access, we would appreciate if you could read the ‘Patient Information Leaflet’ below. This provides further guidance about the registration process and what identification we require, as well as more in depth information about the security of your information & record sharing. It also outlines some of the risks and advantages of having advanced online access.

Please click on the links below for further information and to download the relevant application forms