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Almost a million more people (900,000) will become eligible for a shingles vaccination from 1st September 2023.

The extension of those eligible for the shingles vaccine is complicated and will be phased until 2028.

From 1 September 2023, those turning 65 and 70 will also be able to get the vaccine after their birthday, in addition to those already aged 70-80.

You ARE eligible for the vaccine this year if:

  • You are aged 70 to 79 years
  • Your DOB is between 1st Sept 1953 to 31st Aug 1954
  • Your DOB is between 1st Sept 1958 to 31st August 1959
  • You are severely immuno-supressed & over the age of 50 (Please do not call the surgery – you will be invited if you fall into this category)

You ARE NOT eligible for the vaccine this year if

  • You are aged over 80
  • Your DOB is between 1 Sept 1954 to 31st August 1958

Please contact the surgery to book your appointment with a practice nurse.

Please note, the Nurse will check you are eligible for the vaccine after booking, and you will be sent an SMS cancelling the appointment if you do not fall within the eligibility criteria.