Private ADHD assessments

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Recently a large number of people have been seeking assessment for ADHD in private clinics. We understand the frustration due to long waiting times in the NHS ADHD clinics. We would like to support you to make the right decisions.

Many of you may have seen a recent BBC Panorama programme “Private ADHD clinics exposed”

Before you choose a private clinic for assessment please be aware of the following facts.

  • Make sure that the clinic is legitimate and you get a full assessment including a full psychiatry assessment and the clinic should be overseen by a psychiatrist.
  • When a diagnosis is made by a clinic and the assessment has not been comprehensive and does not fulfil the criteria recognised locally, the diagnosis may not necessarily be accepted.
  • There is no guarantee that the prescription medication advised by the specialist clinic will be taken over by the GP for future prescriptions. This will need to assessed on a case to case basis. The nationally agreed “Shared care” only applies to providers with an NHS contract.
  • The specialist clinic will still need to review you at least on a yearly basis even if the shared care is accepted by the GP. This may mean that you have to continue to pay for these assessments at the private clinic.